Eating Poetry

All My Silent Reveries

what is parting, but a break between
our encounters in my memories?
do you know how often I have seen
you drifting in my silent reveries?

but oh! where will you go
when I shall age and forget?
it will be as if we never met
for what is parting but a glimpse of death?

Eating Poetry

Rock, Paper, Ink

I wrote on the ceiling
scribbled on the sink
scratched the furniture
our whole damn house drenched in ink

yet he did not like my verses much
he fancied only greatness
Keats and Blake and such
thus I had to rephrase grace
and show it to him some other way

so I marked the windows
engraved the cat’s bowl
penned grace across his face
carved poetry into his damn soul

Eating Poetry

Beautiful Dream

oh beautiful dream—
how I in my sleep gleam!
I soar above unexplored lands,
and build castles with my bare hands

oh beautiful dream—
how I in my sleep beam!
I slay hungry dragons with ease
and monsters more dwelling in seas

how marvelous you seem!

oh beautiful dream—
how you teem!
with impossible dreams