Eating Poetry

Astronauts on a Pillow

when I in solitude in my bed lie
the stars of space descend into my room
in the moon I see Earth´s majestic eye
until specks of stardust in my dreams bloom
and when night renders my heart a black hole
I sense the cosmos suffusing my soul
and as I still alone in my bed lie
into infinity my room expands
then galaxies derive from my deep sigh
and I hold the universe in my hands
and when night finally turns into day
I am still dancing through the Milky Way.


8 thoughts on “Astronauts on a Pillow

  1. I pushed the “press this” button. I liked it and wanted it to show up in “freshly pressed”. I’m a newb. I think it “reblogged”? I will get a handle on this eventually. In any case. I enjoyed it and wanted to share it. 🙂

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