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Drip, Splash, Inkblot

You are a writer at heart, and I—I am the book that you never wanted to write. Well, I’ve got ink running through my veins as well, and when I spilled it, it wrote your name and oh!—your name was spelled like poetry! You’ve carved your words into this bookish soul too deeply. How to unwrite the memory of you? I set fire to my diaries and shred all your photographs, killing the life in me that is art, or the art in me that is life.


11 thoughts on “Drip, Splash, Inkblot

  1. Miss ‘A Blog To Regret’
    This was truly one of the strongest pieces I’ve ever read from anyone! – for several reasons I’ll not go into here. Believe it or not, to me, this was an intimate intensity that may have been an untruth, but it became true in my heart as I read it. That’s the power of words and chemistry I suppose.

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