Eating Poetry

American Beauty

her face
a Jackson Pollock painting

Eating Poetry

Sea Foam and Fireflies

brother, we’re going home
in calm waters we silently cruise
and if our conditions grow dire
then I’ll join a midnight choir
and sing you a sister’s blues—

brother, we’re going home
in rough waters we sail our ark
and if these storms never tire
then I’ll light a midnight fire
and guide you through the dark—

brother, we float like sea foam
in dead waters we quietly dream
and if you’re in too deep
then I’ll let you sleep
and sing you a sister’s requiem—

Eating Poetry

Signs on a Hand Grenade

her stretch marks are signs
on a hand grenade
perhaps her father used to be
a soldier who swore and drank
and perhaps these zigzagging lines
are simply traces of his military tank

she moves, whispering a silent ‘no’
as I bow down to drink her sweat
seeping into her war stripes

her stretch marks are grooves
on a hand grenade
I could trace them drunk
and stumbling through a dark room